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Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

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Visit the COSCO shipping line in China Signing contract for the supply of a giant crane winch The company announces the public tender until 14/2/2018 The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held on Tuesday, 11/1/2018 Arrival of 3 Square Winch for Dekheila Station Arrival number 1 winch berth Signing a supply contract for 15 trailers with a load of 70 tons The company announces tenders start from 10july2018 visit of ministry The Company announces the following general tenders starting at 19August2017 the-company-announces-the-following-general-tenders-starting-at-4th-of-july2017 The achievement of targeted plan for 2017 for Tractors and Trailers alexcont The arrival of Gantry Crane to Alexandria Port The arrival of three yard cranes to EL Dekheilla Terminal The Extraordinary General Meeting at Tuesday 11/1/2018 The company announces tenders until 14 February 2018 Signing up a contract for suppling two Gantry Crane visit-of-cosco-line-in-china The company announces tenders until 14 April 2018 The company announces tenders until 7th May 2018 The company announces tenders until 7th August 2018 Arrival of two new gantry cranes at EL-Dekheilla-Terminal Terminal operating system Tender TOS More


Alexandria Terminal: Quay 49/54 - Port of Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt
Telephone: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/4835085
Fax: 03/4862124
Telex: 54566 ACH UN
Dekheilla Terminal: Quay 96- Port of  Dekheilla - Alexandria - Egypt
Telephone: 03/4460145 - 03/4460111
Fax: 03/4460013
Chairman and Managing Director: chairman@alexcont.com
Electronic Payment : accounting@alexcont.com
Investor Relations: ir@alexcont.com
Employee Service Committee: esc@alexcont.com
Alexandria Terminal Planningalex-planning@alexcont.com
Dekheilla Terminal Planning: dekh-planning@alexcont.com
Organization and Training Sector: training@alexcont.com
Insurance Department: insurance@alexcont.com
President of the Information, Research,& marketing Sector: msharobime@alexcont.com
President of Financial Sector: financial@alexcont.com
President of Commercial Sector: ramadan.assal@alexcont.com
Alexandria Gantry Crane: gantry-a@alexcont.com
Security Sector Head: security@alexcont.com
Quality System Manager: quality@alexcont.com
Purchasing Manager: purchase@alexcont.com
Revenue departmentrevenues@alexcont.com
Marketing Manager: marketing@alexcont.com
Container Terminal Management System CTMS: msharobime@alexcont.com
Revenue management alex: alex-revenue@alexcont.com
Revenue management dekh: dekh-revenue@alexcont.com

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Address: Quay 49/54 - Port of Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt

Phone Number: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/4835085 / /

Email: alexcont@alexcont.com

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