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Representatives from ONE shipping line visited Alexandria container & Cargo Company

Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company welcomed the representatives from ONE (Ocean Network Express) shipping line on Tuesday 18/7/2023 according to directives of  Admiral Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim the Executive Managing Director for strengthening marketing efforts and following up continuous communication with clients for attracting more shipping lines, raising the rates of shipping lines trading and increasing the company's market share.

Admiral Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim the Executive Managing Director was in the reception of the visitors and welcomed them.

 They discussed the ways for future cooperation between ONE shipping line and the company, the possibility of berthing the line's ships on the company's quay, as well as raising the handling rates of the line's containers.

 All the visitors' inquiries were answered and they watched presentation about Alexandria and El-Dekhila terminals and the development projects, also a field tour was done for the visitors for showing the company capabilities from quays, equipments and modern operating systems.

The visitors were impressed by the efforts done by the company in order to attract more shipping lines and the continuous development operations for raising the company efficiency.




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