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Signing an agreement contract with CMA LINE


A new achievement added to Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company to face current challenges, there was a strategic vision on various axes that enables the company to maintain existing customers and to attract new customers.

In this regard, today we witness the signing of an agreement contract for a period of two years between the company and the CMA line, which is one of the largest lines dealing with the company in terms of trading volume.

The company is always keen to respond the demands of large-sized lines, which have a high performance rates and provide distinguished service with competitive prices , in addition to the continuous updating of the company’s equipment and dependence on modern electronic systems like TOS in the management and operation of ships, yards and gates, as well as the ERP system to manage the company’s resources and to complete the process of digital transformation.

Also Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company is the first among the maritime companies in implementing the electronic bills system with customers and all government agencies.

It should be mentioned that the company is facing new challenges that have a significant impact,  it consist of the establishment of a multi-purpose terminal in Alexandria port with a capacity of 1.2 million annual containers, as well as a multi-purpose terminal in Abu Qir port with a capacity of 1 million annual container.


Thew news of signing CMA-CGM contract was published by many newspapers such as:

*Posala newspaper: 5/9/2021

*Ministry of Business Sector website: 5/9/2021

*The issued copy of Alexandria newspaper: 6/9/2021

*The issued copy of Al-Hawar El-Masry newspaper: 6/9/2021

*The issued copy of Al-Youm Al-Sabaa newspaper: 5/9/2021

* The issued copy of Maritime transport newspaper: 6/9/2021

*The issued copy of Al-Shrouk newspaper: 5/9/2021

*The issued copy of Al-Sayrat newspaper: 6/9/2021 


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