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Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

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Visit the COSCO shipping line in China - Signing contract for the supply of a giant crane winch - The company announces the public tender until 14/2/2018 - The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held on Tuesday, 11/1/2018 - Arrival of 3 Square Winch for Dekheila Station - Arrival number 1 winch berth - Signing a supply contract for 15 trailers with a load of 70 tons - The company announces tenders start from 10july2018 - visit of ministry - The Company announces the following general tenders starting at 19August2017 - the-company-announces-the-following-general-tenders-starting-at-4th-of-july2017 - The achievement of targeted plan for 2017 for Tractors and Trailers - alexcont - The arrival of Gantry Crane to Alexandria Port - The arrival of three yard cranes to EL Dekheilla Terminal - The Extraordinary General Meeting at Tuesday 11/1/2018 - The company announces tenders until 14 February 2018 - Signing up a contract for suppling two Gantry Crane - visit-of-cosco-line-in-china - The company announces tenders until 14 April 2018 - The company announces tenders until 7th May 2018 - The company announces tenders until 7th August 2018 - Arrival of two new gantry cranes at EL-Dekheilla-Terminal - Terminal operating system Tender TOS - - - press release - arrival of 4 loading cranes - visit of minister of business sector - Maintenance Job Terminated on Quay 49 - - Minister of Transport honors Eng\ Marcell Milad Sharobime - More

Welcome to the Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling website

Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company is the first specialized container handling plant in Egypt. It was established in 1984 to enjoy all activities related to container handling. The company operates two main terminals: Alexandria terminal in Alexandria port and El Dekheila terminal in Dekheila port. Al-Dekheila terminal was started in 1996; the company obtained quality certificates including ISO9002 certificate in February 1998 and ISO 9001-2000 qms in 2003. The safety certificate and occupational health evaluation series O.H.S.A.S- 180001/99 were awarded in 2004

The Arrival Of Two Gantry Cranes To (El-Dkheila Terminal)

  On Sunday 23/12/2018 The Company Received Two Gantry Cranes Of Super Post Panamax That Can Carry Up To 65-75 Tons From The Chinese Company ZPMC According To The Approved Investment Plan Of The Company. The Distance Between The Two Rails Is 30 Meters An Outreach Of Length Of 61 Meters And An Under Spreader Distance Of 41 Meters, With A Total Cost Of 300 Million Egyptian Pounds.

  With These Two Cranes, The Total Number Of Gantry Cranes In El-Dkheila Terminal Becomes 11 Cranes That Work Together To Increase The Efficiency Of Container Handling Of The Company And Allows The Terminal To Cope With The New Generation Of Giant Vessels.


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Service Quality ; Higher Productivity  ; Shorter Turning Time For Vessels&n..


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To become the first preferred choice for all our customers in the field of conta..


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Offering A Special Service In Container & Cargo Handling Field, Clients’ Satisfa..


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Address: Quay 49/54 - Port of Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt

Phone Number: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/4835085 / /

Email: alexcont@alexcont.com

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