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Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

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Company's policy Quality management systems and occupational safety and environment

The quality policy of the company aims to supply distingished service of handling, storage of containers & cargo and customers satisfaction through:

  1.  Achieving handling of containers and cargo rates competent with handling rates of similar container terminals in the region.
  2. Commitment with continual improvement and development of performance.
  3. Establishing and verifying the company's objectives with periodical review.
  4. Commitment with ISO 9001 - 2000 QMS requirements.
  5. Upgrading employee's awareness, qualification, studies through local and international training in universities and institutes.5.
  6.  Achieving the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees.
  7. Securing suitable work environment for the company and surroundings.
  8. The quality policy is reviewed periodically to ensure the suitablitiy and effectiveness for quality management system.
  9. Quality policy is communicated and understood by all employees.

Quality System

  •  Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Co. was the first company in Egypt in its field, to obtain the ISO 9002-1994 certificate in 1998.
  •  In February 2003 the company obtained the ISO 9001-2000 QMS, which requires the company's goals to be measured and continual improvement.
  •  The company has obtained the ISO 45001-2018 certificate in june 2019.

The occupational health & safety management policy:
Securing suitable work environment for all company’s employees and customers Through :

  1.  commitment to continual improvement and development of occupational health & safety management system .
  2.  commitment to comply with OH & S legislation and other requirements .
  3.  reducing the risk for container & cargo handling activities and all related operations .

conducting management review periodically to ensure OH & S management system efficiency .

The International Ships and Port facilities Security Code (ISPS)

Issued under the provision of Part B of ISPS Code. This Port facility operates in accordance with the approved port security plane.














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