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The latest achievement added to the company in handling the ship accident wadi Elrayan   national navigation line on 10/12/2021



Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company has confidently received wadi elrayan vessel which was exposed to the bad weather condition that led to lose some containers in the sea.Some containers were deviated from their original positions on it.

The company welcomed to receive the vessel despite of its dangerous situation at Dekheila terminal on 10 December 2021 .

The inspection and actual operation was started on the same day.

The whole operation included straightening twenty three containers which have eight badly damaged containers and completing charging-discharging four hundred sixty two containers was ended successfully on 13 December 2021. 

The vessel departured  on 14 December 2021.

working on the vessel was finished professionally and in record time without any losses .

Noting that the company had been succeed before to deal professionally with the vessel ITAL Florida (EVER GREEN LINE) that was exposed to bad weather , led to severe damage for many containers and ships hatches.

Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company is proud to be the leading company in Alexandria port that has capabilities and competencies which dealing with the all generations of container’s vessels.



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