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Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

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Alexandria terminal

The present throughput capacity for AlexandriaContainer terminal is 500 thousand TEU, while the design capacity was 160 thousand TEU.

The Alexandria Terminal has:

  •  Special depot for stripping L.C.L.

  •  Special yard for stuffing exported cargo in containers.

El-dekheilla terminal

The present throughput capacity for EL-Dekheilla terminal is one million TEU.

EL Dekheilla terminal has a depot for storing cargo received in L.C.L. & hazardous cargo containers.



  Alexandria terminal  

  El-dekheilla terminal   

   Terminal Area

   163000 m2

406000 m2

  Storage Capacity

   15500 TEU

27000 TEU

   Container Quay Length        

   531 m

1040 m

   Water depth

   12 m

12 -16 m

   Ro / Ro quay length

   164 m

part of the main Quay

   Ro / Ro slide width

   50 m

50 m

   Reefer connections

   1050 connection    1500 connection



The company has

  •  Special depot outside the customs area in the Bushri area and near to alexandria terminal for storing import and export cargo cantainers.






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