Discharging the damaged container ship
(M/V Ital Florida)

  • Alexandria containers and cargo handling company has registered an international victory by ending the crisis of the M/V Ital Florida ship which last for four days between the Red and Mediterranean seas.
  • The company has achieved a very successful accomplishment while dealing with the M/V Ital Florida container ship that interrupted by a typhoon attack between 16 & 19 June 2007.
  • This is a brand new Italian flaged container ship M/V Ital Florida particular include 238.9 meters length , 12.03 meters draft, cross tonnage 36.483 tons ( Stacking 12 wide 6 high ).
  • The M/V Ital Florida lost at least 42 containers in sever seas between 16 and 19 of June 2007 in the Arabian sea. The ship faced waves height of 7-10 meters and the deck also suffered storm damage.
  • The company has accepted to receive the damaged ship at El Dekheilla terminal –Alexandria port for berthing at 0630 hrs on 23 June 2007 for discharging the damaged containers with very acute angle on the deck due to the typhoon at the Arabian sea ( the pictures are worth a thousands words ).
  • The crisis has been finalized By forming an operations teams working for 48 hours under the leadership of the real admiral the chairman & CEO of the company for discharging the damaged containers with a complete safe procedures and without any containers loss or man casualties.

  • The company has received an experienced help from El-Akhlas company that was responsible for unlashing the damaged containers on the deck.
  • The M/V Ital Florida ship has left the quay of El- Dekheilla terminal at 2245 hrs on 27 of June 2007 with a complete and superior success for Alexandria container and cargo handling company in the filed of charging and discharging damaged containers which will be considered one of the unique act in the field of containerization among the terminals around the world .