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Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

  • Holding co. for maritime and land transport
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  Holding company for land and martime transport
 Alexandria containers and Cargo handling Company
      Alexandria Terminal: Quay 23 Port Of Alexandria     
Tele.: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/483508


chairman and members of the board of directors 

for alexandria containers and cargo handling company

According to the latest board (27/02/2022)


  Admiral\ Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Said Ahmed

  Non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

  Gen\ Yasser Mohamed Morsy Heikal  

  Executive Managing Director

  Eng\ Mohamed Ashraf Mahmoud Ibrahim Khalil 

  Member of the Board of Directors 

  Admiral\ Nahed Shaheen Ali Shaheen

  Member of the Board of Directors   

  Mrs\Fatma Ibrahim badr

  Member of the Board of Directors 

  Mrs\ Rasha Mohamed Omar Tawfeek

  Member of the Board of Directors 

  Eng\ Ahmed Ahmed Ismail 

  Elected member of the Board of Directors  

  Committee Secretary:

  Mr\ Ahmed Afifi Ahmed

Contact Us

Address: Quay 23 Port of Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt

Phone Number: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/4835085 / /

Email: [email protected]

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