Company Terminals

Alexandria Terminal

The present throughput capacity for Alexandria Container terminal is 500 thousand TEU, while the design capacity was 160 thousand TEU.

The Alexandria Terminal has:
  • Special depot for stripping L.C.L. 
  • Special yard for stuffing exported cargo in containers.

El-Dekheilla Terminal

The present throughput capacity for EL-Dekheilla terminal is one million TEU.
The Alexandria Terminal has:
EL Dekheilla terminal has Special depot for storing cargo received in L.C.L. & hazardous cargo containers.

Our terminals overview

The following table shows all detailed information needed about company’s terminals.

Terminal Alexandria Terminal EL Dekheilla Terminal
Terminal Area 163000 m2 406000 m2
Storage Capacity 15500 TEU 27000 TEU
Container Quay Length 531 m 1040 m
Water depth 12 m 12-16 m
Ro / Ro quay length 164 m part of the main Quay
Ro / Ro slide width 50 m 50 m
Reefer connections 1050 connection 1500 connection

Each of our two terminals (Alexandria - Dekheila)

 distinguished by the presence of Freight train station inside each terminal’s square. Each freight station has it’s own loading and discharging yards, in order to facilitate and increase trading rates and accomplishing work in the shortest possible time, ACCHCo freight’s stations are linked to the main ports inside Egypt with rail connections and also to the dry ports that have cargo train stations