Terminal Operating systems


CATOS system that is currently performing at both Alexandria and El-Dekhilla terminals is a fully integrated system which operates according to the latest technological systems through artificial intelligence to manage all handling operations starting from operating and planning ships, which include loading and discharging containers from the ship, and also managing all handling activities in the yards including stowage & storage of incoming and outgoing containers as well as managing warehouse work, through which data and messages are exchanged electronically with shipping lines and the port authority through EDI messages.
The system is distinguished by providing continuous tracking services for our customers’ containers, as well as the ability to provide multiple reports on container movements, the loading and discharging list, the inspection list, gates, and the list of operating containers for shipping lines and agencies at any time during the day, also it allows knowing a schedule of the ships berthing on the quay, and the possibility of advance reservations for entering containers through an agent, also all invoices are issued electronically and linked automatically to the electronic invoice system.


The Company is implementing OCR gate system that images the trucks at Gate IN and Gate Out operations and converts these images to data entered automatically to the operation system.

The deployed OCR system provides images for all sides and to detect the damaged containers to protect the company from any liabilities against these claims.

The system consists of 2 separate terminals; Alexandria and EL-Dekheila at each location Visy Access Gate solution runs completely independent