Quality Policy


Company’s policy Quality management systems and occupational safety and environment

The quality policy of the company aims to supply distinguished service of handling, storage of containers & cargo and customers satisfaction through:

  1. Achieving competitive container and cargo handling rates that can compete with competitive companies with similar activities.

  2. Understanding the needs and expectations of parties interested in the company’s activities Commitment.

  3. Developing a follow up system for the quality management system, environmental management system as well as the safety and professional health system and the company’s strategic targets.

  4. Focusing on the customer’s satisfaction.

  5. Abiding To The Applicable Legal Requirements And Other Requirements Approved By The Company, fulfilling the Requirements Of Customers, Shareholders,  employees And Interested Parties Related To container And Cargo Handling Services, environmental Management System , Professional Health And Safety Management System.

  6. Providing an appropriate environment for employees to participate in the decisions making regarding the safety and professional health system.

  7. Providing a safe and healthy working environment.

  8. Reducing risks to acceptable limits.

  9. Preventing environmental pollution resulting from the company’s various activities to protect the internal, external and any other environment.

  10. Continuous improvement in performance to achieve conformity with standard specifications

  11. Publishing and announcing the company’s policy for quality management, environmental, safety and professional health management systems in order to educate employees and those who deal with the company and make it available to interested parties.

  12. Reviewing the policy periodically to ensure its conformity with the company’s activities, its effectiveness and suitability for the three systems.

  13. Qualifying, training and educating the company’s employees to raise the level of performance and achieve the demands of carrying out their different tasks.