Sunday 22 May 2022

Alexandria container & Cargo handling company

  • Holding co. for maritime and land transport
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Maintenance Job Terminated on Quay 49 - A delegation from and COSCO shipping lines - The Company celebrates the TOS supplying Installation contract - The company has started a system for sterilization all import containers - arrival of Reach Stacker - We are welcome to receive the shipping lines which deal with the transshipment trade - Arrival Of 3 Rubber Tire Yard Gantry Cranes To Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company - The latest achievement added to the company in handling the ship accident MED DENIZLI  MSC line on 21/2/2021 - Changing the quay numbers at Alexandria port - - Signing an agreement contract with CMA Line - Arrival of new gantry crane at dekheila terminal - The invitation to the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly scheduled to be held on 01/01/2022. - The latest achievement added to the company in handling the ship accident wadi Elrayan   national navigation line on 10/12/2021 - Our Company received A giant Ship Thalassa Elpida belongs to Evergreen Shipping line on 23/12/2021 - - - Thanks and appreciation from Admiral and General Executive Director - Effective participation for Alexandria container & Cargo Handling Company in Marlog11 conference and exhibition - Selection of Alexandria container and cargo Handling Company as one of top 100 companies in the Egyptian Market for the year 2021. - More

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Address: Quay 23 Port of Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt

Phone Number: 03/4800633 - 03/4800634 - 03/4835085 / /

Email: [email protected]

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