Purchasing new equipments

Gantry Cranes

Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company & Liebherr Company has signed a contract for purchasing two new Gantry Cranes.

One for Alex Terminal and the other for El Dekheilla Terminal

They will be supplied within the second half of Year 2012.

The total cost is 14,145000 Euro.

Follow-up work groups

Heavy Fork Lifts

The company has also signed a contract to purchase eight Fork lifts, a heavy duty from Linde company.

To be delivered in August 2011.

The total cost is Euro 2,480000

Yard Gantry Cranes

The company has signed another contract to purchase six RTG'S from ZPMC company

To be delivered in January 2012.

The total cost is US $ 8,383000

Follow-up work groups